EJaw Estonia OU is an international game development company with head offices in Tallinn, Estonia and Kiev, Ukraine . During 7 years of our operation, as a vendor of game dev/ services EJaw have had an excellent opportunity to cooperate and provided services to over 40 companies
Expertise: New IP or use of existing IP | Tablet development, PC | VR and AR | Free 2 Play | Unity 3D | Game design | 2D-3D Art and Animation | Game developing | Prototyping.

Short History:

— In 2013 our team was decided to develop our own game «My Kingdom’s Fall» in cooperation with Yarky Studio.
— In 2015 our team won a right to participate in Game Founders, thus attracted the first investment to carry on a development of the own projects.
— In 2016 we began developing «Spacejunk Rumble».


Mobile Game Development - Unity3D
VR & AR developing - Unity3d
Browser Game Development - Cocos2d
3d modelling - Maya, 3DMax, Blender
2D art and consepts


Our Partners

In 2015, the team won a right to participate in Game Founders,  thus attracted the first investment to carry on a development of the own projects.

In 2016, EJaw company is being accelerated by FasterCapital.  FasterCapital is a new type of incubator. The founders remarked that there are several weaknesses in incubators worldwide.


 Anton Grigoryev

“EJaw is a team of professionals. They improve their skills everyday and use only the best and reliable technologies. I am proud to say, that we learned many useful things from them, and it is the best team I have ever worked with. Nice job, guys!»

Anton GrigoryevCTOPixonic LLC
Evgeniy Labunskiy

“Excellent work extremely fast delivered. I am very happy with the result and this is a contractor I highly recommend. I will be back for more custom work on behalf of my own clients. Thank you!”

Evgeniy LabunskiyAgile Project ManagerCiclum
Alexander Sitnikov

“We are a result-oriented company and trust numbers more than anything else. Electric Jaws always delivered what’s been expected and more.»

Alexander SitnikovProduceriFree Innovations

“E-jaw has a professional and responsible team of developers. I was very satisfied with the the frequent, clear communication that took place between us and their respect for the quality and speed of work.”