Friends, We are happy to tell you about our just released «Trick a Slick» game on FaceBook

This game will show how much you’re cool, trick and slick 🙂

Our team will be happy for any comments and reviews from you.
Solve all this puzzles and reach the highest level. Prove that you are the smartest one in this game Смайлик «wink»

Game description:

It’s time for moneybags to share their fortune.
During the Lawless Age they’ve stolen a lot more money than they need. Now it’s time to take it back. All of it.
Are you the one to sneak into the enemy territory and get back safe with all the loot? Or is there someone better?
Use your intuition and agility on unique hand-crafted levels.
Boast your results among friends and compete for the record-breaking scores with other players for you are the trickiest and slickest thief in town.





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