Prehistory of “Trick a Slick”:

The idea of creation «Trick a Slick» game belongs to one of our developers. More than 10 different mechanics competed with it.
It was one of the ordinary days, at one point some of our developers were free. Suddenly an idea has appeared in the head of one of our leaders. Why not to make a game that will involve ideas and wishes of all our staff.

There was only 1 month of free time and the the main task was to come up with an idea of a game, which could be released during this period. The document where all employees were going to make their suggestions was created.

Only 2 days were given for everything. As you have probably figured out the company has not pursued the goal of commercial profit. When all the ideas were collected,  voting in three stages has started.  All team members voted for the idea which was, in their opinion, most interesting, and then tried to complete it and realize the closest possible way to the original gameplay.

That is how Trick a Slick has been created. The game turned out to be simple, but concrete, with hardcore gameplay; not too easy, but interesting.

Whether this experiment was successful or not  — decide by yourself.  Lets Play on FaceBook…



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