On the top of full game development, Ejaw team is able to port or develop game at any platform. We currently support mobile, console, desktop, browser, virtual reality platforms.
Our dedicated team will adapt the gaming experience, adjust the control, modify art assets and add content to fit the targeted platforms and app markets to create the best game.
If you want a really dedicated team for a high quality game development, you should definitely contact us.

Game art is one of the most powerful sides of Ejaw studio. Art is our passion!
We will be happy to assist you with all the aspects of 2D production — starting with mood-boards and concept sketches preparation finishing with graphics, 2D animations for flash games, 3D animations for games and video, and making png sequences for mobile and desktop games.
If you are looking for a team of talented artists, who can work under the tight deadlines and with the high quality result, you should definitely contact us.


Do you want to share your success with us?
We are skillful developers engaged in both our own and partnership projects. If you have a game idea and need an experienced co-production partner to realize your project, we are open for collaboration.
We will offer you our turn-key solutions, engines, components, modules and libraries to save a significant amount of development time. We provide you with help in the game design, users retention, socialization and monetization.
We want to be on the same boat with you when your game becomes a commercial hit! Also we have several concepts of our own, and we are looking for additional funding as another form of a co-production.