Two indie developer teams from Kyiv, Ukraine EJaw company and Yarki studio.
We have done a lot of outsource work for mobile developers and publishers from all over the globe during last years, and My Kingdom’s Fall is our first big game project.


My Kingdom’s Fall is a puzzle adventure card game where party building, puzzled match-three combat are mixed together, along with awesome design and tons of content to discover.
Banished prince returns to his kingdom only to see that it had turned into ruins. Hordes of monsters roam the land, evil sorcery is in the air, and countless pretenders are willing to claim the throne. So prepare yourself for a marvelous adventure. Fight your enemies in bloody match-three battles, gather and level up your heroes, clash with other players for the world dominance in the intensive PvP carnage!

This is an epic adventure in an awesomely illustrated fantasy world. The whole Kingdom with various lands and dungeons is waiting for you to dive into it’s secrets. Take part in massively fun match-three battles that are easy to learn. You can match chips to perform simple attacks or you can plan your moves for combos and strike really devastating blows.
Feel the power of magic. Every hero has a unique special ability or a spell that can dramatically change the tide of battle.

Dozens of mighty and non-ordinary heroes will join your quest. Collect hero cards, gather and level up the party of your dreams.
Fight for the throne! Attack other players’ trade caravans, besiege them and fight for the world dominance in the intensive PvP carnage!
Various events with generous rewards. Participate in group raids or compete with other pretenders for the throne in daily tournaments!